02 September 2014


Homo sapiens neanderthalensis.jpg

Proof over the weekend from an archaeological discovery in Gibraltar that the extinct hominid genus Neanderthal, a) were perhaps capable of abstract, artistic thought after all, and b) invented the hash-tag.

For reals.

Check out the deals on the discovery here.

- S.

10 April 2014

I've nominated for the Prix Aurora Awards. Have YOU?

The Prix Aurora Awards are the Canadian award for excellence in Science Fiction and Fantasy works and activities, as selected by YOU the (Canadian) fans. Nomination for the 2014 awards (for works first published in 2013) are closing soon! As a past (and future?) nominee for the Aurora, I urge you to nominate your favorite works from last year.

Nominations close this Sunday, April 12, 2014 at 11:59:59 PM EDT.

For a list of eligible works go HERE (and let me put in a special plug for some great eligible work from my fellow Stop-Watch Gang members which you can find HERE). To place your nomination go HERE.

Once nominations are finalized, voting will begin on May 3, 2014. Online votes must be submitted by 11:59:59 EDT on September 6, 2014.

The Aurora awards will be present during VCON 39 / Canvention 34 on the weekend of Oct 3-5, 2014.

Remember: vote early, vote often!

- S.

31 March 2014

Translation Sale! "Cladistics" Published in Estonian

Very pleased to announce that my story "Cladistics" has been published in translation by Algernon Ulmeajakiri (Algernon Science Fiction Magazine), an online SF magazine in Estonia. The story appeared in their August 2013 issue but I just found out today.

This marks the first foreign language sale for "Cladistics" and my seventh foreign language sale (Russian, Spanish, Finnish, Turkish, Greek, and forthcoming in German...and I feel like I'm forgetting one...) "Cladistics" was originally published (in English!) in the now out of print anthology The Book of Exodi.

You can read "Kladistika" here (assuming you can read Estonian, I mean...)

- S.

23 March 2014

The InterGalactic Medicine Show Big Book of SF Novelettes Available Now!

I'm behind on announcing this, but I'm thrilled to say that my novelette, Under the Shield, has been included in the InterGalactic Medicine Show Big Book of SF Novelettes, now available on Amazon! It's a best-of collection of novelettes that have appeared in IGMS over the years, and I'm pretty chuffed to be included.

And I'm in some pretty heady company: Orson Scott Card, Wayne Wightman, Aliette de Bodard, Eric James Stone, Mary Robinette Kowal, Jackie Gamber, Greg Siewert, Jamie Todd Rubin, Brad Torgersen, and Marina J. Lostetter.

Simply put: WOW!

You can get both a Kindle edition and a dead tree version through Amazon now, by clicking here.

I'm doubly thrilled to announce that we've also just learned that SkyBoat Media has acquired the rights to produce an audio version of this anthology, which is already in production and scheduled to be released in April of this year. It's always amazing to hear someone else read your story back to you, so I'm really looking forward to hearing what SkyBoat does with it. Don't worry: when the audiobook version is available I'll be sure to let you know.


- S.